Sandro Sassi aka “Gera”, street performer and circus artist, began his career in Bologna as a juggler and clown, attending workshops and conventions of theater, juggling and acrobatics in various European cities. Later, he attended the Academy of Circus Arts in Verona, studying tightrope and juggling.  Continued his studies attending the school of contemporary circus Flic in Turin and graduated specializing in dance and acrobatics on tightrope and juggling. Then attends the Atelier of Physical Theatre in the school of Philip Radice in Turin. Take part in Master Class in Commedia dell’Arte at Arlecchino Errante in the Experimental School of the Actor in Pordenone. Continues his education and training in various Italian and European spaces, such as Vertigo, Flic, Espace Catastrophe, La Cascade and Central of the Circ.

Besides his soloist shows (La Corda, The Rope, show of street circus and Aequilibrium, theater-circus show), He makes part of various collectives (Circo Inzir) and artistic companies (Voyages Extraordinaires).

Currently a new collaboration is in progress with the artist Linda Vellar in production the show Arbores, in which – besides the disciplines sopracitates – will be used techniques of acrobatic to two, aerial rope and projections in video mapping. From the 2009 Gera Circus it also devotes him to performance of funambolismo of high ground (Connections), connecting with a thread tense buildings, plazas, banks of the rivers…